Florida Repertory Theatre
Director: Jason Parrish
Scenic Design: David Arsenault
Costume Design: Charlene Gross
Lighting Design: Tyler Perry
Projection Design: Rob Siler
Sound Design: Katie Lowe
Stage Management: Janine Wochna

February 2020​​​​​​​
photo credit: David Arsenault

"Set designer David Arsenault has given us a gigantic, plush library with leatherbound books and a small, red-curtained stage in the middle. Its curtains open to reveal various locales: a bar in which Henry D’Ysquith and Monty get cozy and sing 'It’s Better with a Man,' a hall at the D’Ysquith’s castle with portraits that come to life and sing 'A Warning to Monty.' "
- Florida Weekly
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