Florida Repertory Theatre
Playwright: Audrey Cefaly
Director: Jason Parrish
Scenic Design: Richard Crowell
Folk Artist: Sara Morsey
Costume Design: Charlene Gross
Lighting and Projection Design: Rob Siler
Sound Design: Katie Lowe
Stage Management: Ruth E. Kramer

December 2019
photo credit: Nick Adams

"ALABASTER includes a lot of details that enhance the show even more; from the set designed by Richard Crowell, to the lighting and projections designed by Rob Siler, the sound designed by Katie Lowe, and more, every part of this show works perfectly together to draw you into the lives of these women (and goats)."
- Broadwayworld.com
"Richard Crowell has provided a rustic set that provides both the suggestion and structure of an Alabama farmhouse, and lighting and projection designer Rob Siler helps set the mood and also allows the audience to see images of Alice’s photography and June’s outsider art. He also provides a terrifying tornado."
- Florida Weekly
"I must also mention sound designer Katie Lowe and lighting and production designer Rob Siler, who conjure up a jaw-dropping tornado onstage with flashing lights, howling wind, projections, and Burttram’s absolutely terrified June. It’s a stunning moment in an already stunning show."
- Fort Myers News-Press
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