Monumental Theatre Company
Director: Ryan Maxwell
Scenic Design: Jessica Cancino
Costume Design: Ethan Henry
Lighting Design: Rob Siler
Sound Design: Will Wacker
Stage Management: Sam Reilly

July 2017
photo credit: RJ Pavel

"Working in tandem with Lighting Designer Rob Siler, Cancino carves out of niche for a large screen at the center of the scenery, which allows for stellar silhouette and shadow work. Properties Master Katherine Offutt is responsible for a few of the wondrous illusions seen in Siler’s light work as the branches of trees and the cross are reflected in shadow during particular scenes. Siler’s silhouette work, which often involves a real-time actor behind the scrim in Cancino’s set, is striking and compliments the live-action on stage exceptionally well. There are breathtaking moments, particularly when Young Bonnie (Hailey Ibberson) and Young Clyde (Camryn Shegogue) are performing their opening number, “Picture Show”, where Siler’s silhouette work takes the scene to an astonishing new level of sensationalism. Both Ibberson and Shegogue have strong voices with imaginative panache that bursts out of this number, enhanced and supported by the wicked wild silhouette work that Siler has created. Siler should also be praised for his use of tight focal lights as well as the prison bar gobos that splay across the floor whenever Clyde finds himself hanging in the hoosegow, especially as the former heightens already intensely dramatic moments tenfold."
- Theatre Bloom
"Cancino is inventive, using the light coming through the barn siding to do double duty revealing the orchestra, while a simple structure that looks like a split rail fence stands in for a car with a plank that gets lifted and anchored as a hood. Rob Siler’s lighting especially the side and back effects made strong dramatic statements."
- DC Theatre Scene
"The production is an incredible collaboration of technical and artistic talent, with Wes Reid (Technical Director), Rob Siler (Lighting Designer), and Will Wacker (Sound Designer). Jessica Cancino’s beautiful set design uses multiple movable pieces to represent a car, a counter, or a bench. Planks of wood are removed from the upstage wall to reveal the live orchestra playing backstage. And a scrim – perfectly painted to appear as solid wood when not in use – shows action “offstage” and enhanced imagery for various scenes, adding depth to the otherwise small black box theater."
- DC Metro Theatre Arts
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