Monumental Theatre Company
Director: Michael Windsor
Scenic Design: Michael Windsor and Rob Siler
Graffiti Artwork: Javier Del Pilar
Costume Design: Tommy Malek
Lighting Design: Rob Siler
Sound Design: Ryan Hickey
Stage Management: Sam Reilly

March 2018
photo credit: RJ Pavel

"The production design is minimalist but entirely effective. Metaphorical references decorate the walls in the hieroglyphics of spray can art, proclaiming “truth” and “butterfly,” and drawing attention to upcoming and past musical moments.
Siler uses a subdued concert-style of lighting, taking full advantage of the plot without distracting from the poetry of each moment."
- DC Metro Theater Arts
"Windsor has fabricated a fully immersive atmosphere and viewing experience for the audience, starting with seating of all types— everything from lawn chairs to Lazy-Boy Recliners (trust me, you want the Lazy-Boy Rocking Recliner, it’s the best seat in the house) and a few in-between— fully encompassing a street scene, that he’s created with Set Designer Rob Siler. Graffiti tags cover the walls— designed with stunning authenticity and eye-popping vibrancy by Graffiti Artist Javier Del Pilar— there’s a sense of pure, raw street life all around."
- Theatre Bloom
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