Florida Repertory Theatre
Director: V.C. Heidenreich
Scenic Design: Jordan Moore
Costume Design: Stephanie Genda
Lighting and Projection Design: Rob Siler
Sound Design: Katie Lowe
Stage Management: Audrey Brown

November 2018​​​​​​​
photo credit: Rob Siler

"I appreciated the creativity and detail put into this unique set, designed by Jordan Moore. The set primarily consists of the front of a van; it's something Florida Rep has never seen before, and it was incredibly clever. Lighting and projection designer Rob Siler also made this production feel very realistic through the lighting that imitated headlights and streetlights as the characters were 'driving.' "
- Broadwayworld.com
"Now more about the staging of this play in Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre. Set designer Jordan Moore and lighting/projection designer Rob Siler wow you from the start with the full-sized Ford van they somehow hauled into that tiny theater. All the show’s action takes place in and around that van, which juts at an angle from a wall of jumbled black street-sign shapes that suggest the road with their asphalt-like color and texture. Those shapes also serve as mini movie screens for projections of street signs, the actors’ faces and more.
Also, I really like Siler’s and sound designer Katie Lowe’s work on the project, from traffic sounds and the constant drone of road noise to the way the theater lights and projections work together to mimic the wash of street lights or the bright sweep of passing cars’ headlights at night.​​​​​​​"
- Fort Myers News-Press
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