Opera Lafayette
at The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
and the Kaye Playhouse, NYC
Director: Oriol Tomas
Maestro: Ryan Brown
Scenic and Costume Design: Laurence Mongeau
Lighting Design: Rob Siler
Stage Management: Chloe Ekker

February 2020
photo credit: Louis Forget

"Laurence Mongeau had designed a simple but striking set of strong lines dominated by a series of interlocking frames that served as doors, gates, pillars, and changing venues. Wires were strung from the top beams to the stage floor creating pleasing verticals and diagonals, and, caught beautifully by Lighting Designer Rob Siler, they conjured up images of suspension bridges but also vaguely jail bars. Most importantly, the symbolic forms did not detract from the singers but rather framed them throughout the evening and kept them in strong focus."
-DC Theatre Scene
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