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Producers: Brian MacDevitt, Daren DeVerna, Kelly Maxner, Jeremy Skidmore, Available Potential Enterprises Ltd, Theatre Alliance of Washington, DC
Director: Mollye Maxner
Production Design: Brian MacDevitt
Scenic Design: Andrew Cohen
Costume Design: Kelsey Hunt
Lighting Design: Rob Siler
Sound Design: Matthew M. Nielson
Stage Management: Kaelyn Kreicbergs

October 2017
photo credit: C. Stanley Photography

The design team has done a great job of bringing Occupied Territories to life with production design by Brian MacDevitt; set design by Andrew R. Cohen; lighting design by Rob Siler; sound design and original music by Mathew M. Nielsen; costume design by Kelsey Hunt; and choreography by Kelly Maxner. The Production Stage Manager is Kaelyn Kreicbergs. Occupied Territories is a production that deserves all the praise we can give it. Take the emotional journey. It not only is an insightful view of the ravages of war and the difficulties that veterans and their families can encounter, but it is an extraordinary production.
- Broadwayworld.com
"Production designer Brian Macdivitt's values are excellent at creating tension and building emotion. Matthew M. Nielson's explosive bursts of gunfire, sounds of silence, suspicious animal sounds, droning insects mingle with whispering instructions. Bursts from M14s and DP28s screaming through Andrew Cohen's jungle set, accentuate by Rob Siler's blazing light effects."
- CurtainUp
"One of the more unusual scenes, occurring as Jude projects slides she’s discovered, is a surrealistically balletic routine—helped greatly by sound designer Matthew M. Nielson and lighting designer Rob Siler—pairing two soldiers, Hawk (Nile Harris) and Hardcore (Nate Yaffe), in an acrobatic pas de deux in which they playfully wrestle, often in slow motion."
- Theatre's Leiter Side
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