John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Playwright: Joshua Wilder
Director: Paige Hernandez
Scenic Design: Debra Kim Sivigny
Costume Design: Sarah Woodham
Lighting and Projection Design: Rob Siler
Sound Design: Kenny Neal
Stage Management: Rachael Albert

February 2019
photo credit: Yassine El Mansouri

"The beautifully integrated work of Scenic Designer Debra Kim Sivigny and Lighting and Projections Designer Rob Siler is magnificent. It achieves the difficult hat-trick of being entirely functional, aesthetically pleasing, and surprising, as the design supports the script and characterizations in a way that I won’t spoil by describing here."
- DC Theatre Scene
"Debra Kim Sivigny's excellent set depicting the streets of South Philly is beautifully enhanced by lighting and projection designer Rob Siler's murals of the girls during their monologues. Kenny Neal's sound and Sarah Woodham's costumes complete the visual and audible feast."

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