University of Maryland
Directors: Scot Reese and Alvin Mayes
Choreography: Alvin Mayes
Scenic Design: Emily Lotz
Costume Design: Heather Jackson
Lighting Design: Rob Siler
Sound Design: Lane Elms
Stage Management: Matt Balfour

October 2016
photo credit: Stan Barough

"Dim lights, warm hues and the soft murmur of conversation and clanking glasses lured us into Queenie’s – the decadent speakeasy formerly known as The Clarice’s Kogod Theatre. Waiters greeted guests, took their coats at the door and showed them to small tables throughout the theatre. A collection of more than 300 Prohibition-era labels lined the shelves behind the curved bar, flanked by period light fixtures. A beautiful art deco mural backdropped the stage, scores of black-and-white framed photographs adorned the walls, and crates of Mellwood Whisky were stacked beside a sign reinforcing the 18th Amendment. Emily Lotz’s immaculate set design and Rob Siler’s dramatic lighting truly transported us back to 1928, where we were guests at a never-ending soiree.​​​​​​​"
- DC Metro Theatre Arts
"Scenic Designer Emily Lotz’s attention to detail was complemented by Rob Siler’s light design. Not only did Lotz design a “roof” that covered the cabaret stage, a chandelier hung from it. The speakeasy was full of props and purposeful design choices ranging from boxes of whiskey to a coat check complete with coats. Everything looked haphazard, but with just enough attention to detail to show extensive thought and planning. Siler’s lightening accentuated the set details and set the mood of a 1920’s New York speakeasy."
- MD Theatre Guide
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